7 Signs Your Family Needs a Humidifier

7 Signs Your Family Needs a Humidifier

When the seasons change, so does your health. Whether you suffer from hay fever in the spring or the common cold in the fall, rising or dropping temperatures can affect your ability to feel healthy and function normally. These drastic changes also affect your ability to feel comfortable in your house.

So when Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose or the sunshine beckons to you from your bedroom window, consider buying a humidifier to help protect your home and your family from extreme heat. Read on to discover seven signs it’s time to invest in a humidifier.

1. Do It for Your Furnishings

Too hot temperatures and cold spells both pose a hazard to any wood paneling, musical instruments, and delicate furniture in your home. To help protect your home’s furnishings and your belongings from weather that could cause costly damage, place a portable humidifier near your prized possessions. When you add moisture to the indoor air, you preserve the life of your expensive decorative elements and save yourself future heartache.

2. Do It for Your Health

Do you have a sinus infection that never goes away? Have your kids suffered from sniffles for months on end? If incessant hand washing doesn’t seem to help, it may be time to change the climate in your home. Experts agree: humid air can help clean out your sinuses so you can breathe easier–literally.

3. Do It for Faster Healing

In addition to preventing disease, humidifiers also speed up the healing process. Those with a weak immune system will benefit from a faster recovery, and even chronic allergy sufferers will see improvements in their symptoms when they use a humidifier for part of the day. Some models even feature air filters to keep toxins and allergens out of the air.

4. Do It for Your Electronics

When the air inside your home dries out, it creates static electricity. This energy does more than ruin a perfectly good hair day–static can damage your electronics or even affect your power bill. To lower the impact of dryness, use a humidifier to keep air moist throughout your house.

5. Do It for a Good Night's Sleep

If one of your family members snores so loudly that you can’t fall asleep, a humidifier may provide the answer to your problems. Studies show that using a humidifier reduces sleep apnea and snoring in most patients. For children, a small humidifier can help them breathe freely while they nap or sleep, and the humidifier’s white noise may also calm unruly sleepers.

6. Do It for Softer Skin

When you get fed up with constantly chapped lips and dry, cracked skin, mere chapstick and lotion won’t get to the source of the problem. Purchase a humidifier to keep your skin bathed in a layer of protective moisture year-round. You’ll be glad you invested in a humidifier when you feel the difference in your skincare routine.

7. Do It for Your Utilities

A humidifier’s added moisture will help your family feel comfortable in your home at a lower temperature. So during the winter months, you’ll spend less money on your heating bill and you’ll have more cash to spend over the holidays or on special occasions.

No matter the size of your home or your family, you can benefit from the purchase of a humidifier. If you notice any of the above symptoms plaguing your family members or your home, talk to an experienced HVAC expert. He or she can direct you to the perfect humidifier for your home and your budget. And don’t forget to check back with our blog for more tips.

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