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It’s easy to love your home in Lakewood, CO. Lakewood’s location allows you to have the best of suburban and urban life. However, in order to keep enjoying life in Lakewood, you need to make sure your home’s plumbing and electrical systems work correctly. Trust Doctor Fix-It to make sure you have a comfortable, stress-free home.

Come to Us for Expert Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning Services

At Doctor Fix-It, we offer comprehensive electrical, plumbing, and HVAC services, allowing us to take care of any related problem in your home. We employ experienced technicians with the know-how and training to diagnose and solve a host of issues. Here are just a few of the affordable services we offer:
  • Sewer line and drain inspection, repair, and replacement
  • Water heater and tankless water heater installation and maintenance
  • Kitchen and bathroom plumbing services
  • Furnace and boiler installation and repair
  • Air conditioning diagnostics and maintenance
  • Rewiring and grid maintenance
If you have a technical problem with your home, you need a company with enough experience to fix it quickly. Come to Doctor Fix-It for a quick and easy solution. Call 303-993-1550 to schedule a visit from an expert plumber or electrician. Remember, you receive a free service call to go along with the repair.
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