Dangers of an Overloaded Circuit in Thornton, CO

Dangers of an Overloaded Circuit in Thornton, CO

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Home electric fires are estimated to occur 51,000 times every year. This also accounts for around 500 deaths and 1,400 injuries each year.

House fires are no joke, which is why you need to avoid electrical risks. An overloaded circuit is just one of those risks you can try to avoid.

Having an overloaded electrical circuit is more common than you realize. That is why it is important to understand what signs to look out for.

Keep reading to find out the dangers of an overloaded circuit in your home.

Signs of an Overloaded Circuit

The electrical circuit is what helps disperse power in your home. It projects electrical current so that when you plug something in, it is powered.

Circuits are only designed to be able to receive a certain amount of power. If they receive a large amount of power, this can cause the circuit to overload.

In most instances, this will cause the circuit to shut down completely. It is important to understand what to look for if you are concerned about an overloaded circuit.

Knowing the signs can help save your home and family from unnecessary risks.


One of the first things you may notice is strange noises coming from the circuit. A circuit breaker may start to make a crackling or popping noise as it is working.

This often occurs if there is arcing in the wires and insulation in the appliances. You may also notice a sizzling sound that could mean something is burning inside.

You may also notice different appliances making these noises as they are receiving power. It is always a good idea to shut off the power and check out what is causing the noise.

Burning Smell

The dangers of an overloaded circuit include all kinds of fire risks. Because of this, you may notice a burning smell coming from outlets or switch plates.

This smell could even be coming from light fixtures in some cases. This may indicate that there is too much of an electrical load on your circuit.

Keep in mind that there are different reasons why you may be noticing a burning smell. In some cases, this could have something to do specifically with the outlet or switch.

That is why it is always a good idea to call a professional to check it out for you.

Flickering Lights

An overloaded home circuit breaker can also cause lighting issues. You may notice that your lights flicker on and off when you are manually turning the switch.

You may also notice that a lightbulb burns out, even if it is relatively new. Burnt-out lightbulbs are another sign that too much power is going to the circuit.


In some instances, you may feel warmth coming from the outlet or switch covers in your home. Even though these areas receive power, they should never become warm to the touch.

This could indicate a serious risk if your circuit is becoming overloaded. Any warmth around these areas could lead to a fire hazard.

Burn Marks

Aside from warmth, you may also notice burn marks around plugs and outlets. These may be scorch or burn marks that are gray or black.

This is a serious sign that you should not ignore for very long. This indicates that there is too much heat going into this area, and it could spark.

How to Avoid an Overloaded Circuit?

Now that you know about the dangers of electrical circuit overload, how can it be avoided? This is important since any home is at risk of an overloaded circuit.

This can happen with very little warning and escalate quickly. Here are some things you can do to avoid experiencing this issue.

Don't Overuse Circuits

One thing you can do is avoid using outlets too much. Try moving your appliances around so that you are using all of your outlets instead of just a few.

This is much safer than trying to plug a bunch of appliances into a single outlet. Or worse, using an extension cord to plug in more appliances than is safe.

Use Energy Sparingly

There is nothing wrong with using a lot of appliances in your home. The trouble comes when you are using too many appliances at one time.

There is a greater risk of an overloaded circuit when you use multiple forms of power at once. For instance, you may be using your oven and microwave as you are also vacuuming the house.

This is not necessarily a fire risk but it is safer to avoid using too much power at once. this will also reflect on your power bill since you won’t be wasting as much power.

Replace the Outlets

In some instances, you may need to replace outlets. This may be necessary if they have become old or broken over time.

This just increases the risk of experiencing a fire hazard in your home. You should hire a company that can handle electrical outlet repairs.

Overloaded Circuits: Why They're Dangerous

Are you concerned about having an overloaded circuit in your home? This is a reasonable concern to have since there are many risks involved when this happens.

An overloaded circuit could cause a significant fire risk to your entire property. That is why it is important to understand the dangers and know what signs to look for.

Doctor Fix It Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric provides electrical services that include electrical maintenance and outlet repairs. If you have any electrical concerns, these professionals will be able to address them.

Do you need a circuit inspected or fixed in Thornton, CO? Contact us today at Doctor Fix It Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric to schedule an appointment online.

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