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We are the experts in all sump pump services in Denver, CO, from maintenance, repair, replacement and installation.

Flooding does happen in Denver and the surrounding areas. A sump pump is something you need installed and properly running before the flooding begins. A sump pump is the cheapest insurance policy and will save your home from serious damage and flood damage claims. Prevent the enormous risks involved with a flooded basement or crawl space. A flooded basement or crawlspace not only damages the foundations of your home, but also lets you lose convenient storage space and can cause serious mold or mildew problems.

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If you are staying in Denver area and if the basement of your home or office is waterlogged, you should call Dr. Fix-it, the plumbing expert. With our sump pump solutions, we will ensure that the problem of your flooded basement or crawlspace is taken care of permanently.


Sump Pumps Are Important To Your Denver Home

Basements and crawl spaces can flood due to many reasons. The basement may be receiving runoff from rainfall or snow due to faulty drainage. The water table in your area may be high. In such a scenario, you will probably be advised to get a sump pump installed so that the water can be channeled away from the basement. But your work is not done here.
Sump pumps can occasionally malfunction. Problems can also arise from improper installation and service. The pump may be overwhelmed and clogged; the discharge line may also be frozen. Alternatively, the sump pump may have a low capacity.

Rather than buying the wrong sump pump and regretting your decision later, get Doctor Fix It Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric to undertake a study of your water logging problem and utilize the right advice at the right time.

We are happy to say that we also undertake the servicing and maintenance of installed sump pumps. Have Doctor Fix It Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric confirm that your sump pump is properly functioning for the rare occasion that a flood occurs.

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