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The pandemic has brought indoor air quality to the forefront as you and your family are spending more time in your home. Create a healthy air environment by introducing fresh air. Help remove airborne dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses while maintaining humidity levels that help prevent the spread of viruses.

We have partnered with Aprilaire and feel a responsibility to spread the word on healthy air and both the importance and science behind how your home’s air system works. This is how your home may look now with a Furnace and Air Conditioner, where the air isn’t filtered and simply re-circulates throughout your home.

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Installing a Air Treatment or Filter System draws fresh air from outside into a filter system and on into your Furnace or Air Conditioner for fresh air brought inside your home.

The average person lives to be 79 years old, of those 79 years 70 are spent inside. Of those 70 years indoors, 50 of them are spent in your own home on average. Breathe clean, healthy air while in your own home.

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Having a properly functioning whole-home ventilation system is critical to maintaining a healthy home environment. Fresh air is not only cleaner ventilation also helps dilute and remove contaminants.

Homeowners should use a ventilation system to bring in fresh air from the outside to dilute stagnant indoor air. The air inside the home can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. One cubic foot of indoor air can have more than 30 Million air pollutants. A properly functioning whole-home ventilation and air system is critical to maintaining a healthy home environment by capturing up to 96% of airborne particles.

captures 96 percent


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