Homeowners in Denver, CO: What Is an Electrical Emergency?

Homeowners in Denver, CO: What Is an Electrical Emergency?

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Electricity is on the move! American power companies generated almost 2.9 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in the first eight months of 2022 alone.

This may sound exciting, but the sheer amount of electricity in Denver has its downsides. The more electricity you have, the more likely you are to experience an electrical emergency. Yet you can take charge of the situation once you learn about different electric problems.

What are the most common electrical emergencies in Denver? How can you know an emergency is occurring? What can you do after an emergency, and how can you prevent further emergencies?

Answer these questions and you can use electricity safely for years to come. Here is your quick guide.

Power Outages

Most power outages occur due to problems with the power company, not the consumer. A storm may damage power lines or the company’s facilities, resulting in a lack of electricity.

However, you may contribute to or create an outage in your home. You may be running too many appliances at once. Your wiring may be damaged, which can lead to outages and additional problems.

When the power goes out, you should unplug major appliances like your computer and television. When the power comes back, the surge can damage your appliances. Wait until you have had power for at least a few minutes before plugging your devices back in.

Look outside and see if your neighbors are undergoing similar problems. If they are, the problem probably comes from your utility company. You should give them a call to see what is going on.

If your neighbors still have electricity, your outage may come from internal problems. Call your utility company, then call an electrician.

Brownouts occur when the voltage drops, but you can still receive a small amount of electricity. This can damage appliances, so be careful with using electricity during a brownout.

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires can come from faulty wires or appliances. Fires can occur when your wires become stressed, but they can also occur at any moment.

You may smell burning plastic or another strong odor. You may also see smoke or flames or notice your fire alarm going off. Faulty electrical outlets are responsible for roughly 5,300 fires a year, and some people damage their outlets when they try to clean them.

Evacuate your home immediately. An electrical fire can spread quickly, and you may experience smoke inhalation within a few minutes. Do not waste time removing items from your home.

Call 911 and wait in a safe place away from your home. Tell the dispatcher that you think you have an electrical fire so the firefighters can put on protective equipment.

Do not go back inside your house until firefighters tell you it is safe. Do not turn your power back on, as the fire may have destroyed your wiring. Inspect your wires while wearing safety equipment so you know what happened, then hire an electrician in Denver to make repairs.

To avoid fires in the future, you should inspect your wiring on a regular basis. You should also keep an eye out for burned outlets and short circuits, which can suggest damaged wires. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in each room and keep a fire extinguisher on standby.

Electric Shocks

Many electrical issues can cause electric shocks. Your outlets may not be screwed into your walls properly, or your plugs may be damaged. Your wires or appliances may be frayed, or you may have left the power on while you are fixing your appliances.

Whenever you are doing electrical chores, you need to turn the power off. Go to your main circuit breaker box and turn off the power in the room you are in.

Wear rubber gloves when you are handling wires. You should also avoid wearing anything that can get tangled in the wires.

If you or someone you are with gets shocked, you should call 911 right away. Move away from the source of electricity, but do not touch someone or something that is in contact with an electrical current.

Fallen Power Lines

A fallen power line can cause a fire, a fatal electric shock, and property damage. Stay 40 or more feet away from a line and do not touch any objects that are touching the line.

You can wait in your car or in your house if you are far enough away, but do not touch any electric objects. Treat a fallen line as though it is carrying electricity, even if you don’t notice sparks.

Call your home electric company and the local authorities. Tell them what is going on and where the power line is. Remain near the scene so you can monitor what is going on and tell people to get out of the way.

If you experience an electric outage during a storm, the storm may have snapped the power line. Take a look at the ground and street and see if you notice a line. Call your local police station and let them know what is happening, but keep in mind that it may take time for someone to arrive.

Dealing With an Electrical Emergency

You may be one flick of the switch away from an electrical emergency. Power outages and fallen power lines are hard to prevent, but you should unplug your devices and call the electric company for help.

Electrical fires and electric shocks require help from electricians and first responders. Keep yourself safe by evacuating your home and wearing rubber gloves. After the emergency has passed, ask a home electrician to repair your system and think of steps to avoid another emergency.

Find someone in your area with experience in emergencies. Doctor Fix It Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric of Denver serves Denver residents. Contact us today.

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