Lakewood, Co Homeowners: The Disadvantages of DIY Bathroom Plumbing

Lakewood, Co Homeowners: The Disadvantages of DIY Bathroom Plumbing

Lakewood, Co Homeowners: The Disadvantages of DIY Bathroom Plumbing | Doctor Fix It Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric

Nearly 10% of U.S. homes have experience leak issues. This can lead to the wastage of around 90 gallons of water per day and about 10,000 gallons of water each year. As a result, your water bill may increase. What’s more, faulty plumbing can lead to severe water damage. Since most homeowners know the dangers of having defective plumbing, they can try to fix these issues. While DIY bathroom plumbing can be cheap and convenient, it has major drawbacks.

Below is a guide that highlights the disadvantages of DIY bathroom plumbing and why you need an expert plumber.

Lack of Experience and Knowledge

Installing and maintaining bathroom plumbing systems for your home requires the right qualifications and skills. As a homeowner, you may not have the required experience and knowledge to deal with complex bathroom plumbing issues.

To successfully partake in your project, you must know how your plumbing system connects. If you don’t, you may mix up the pieces of your fixtures. As a result, the improper assembly may lead to damaging leaks.

Without the proper training, you may not know the type of materials to use for every bathroom plumbing task. You may end up mismatching your pipes which can lead to issues like leakages, corrosion, and more.

Time May Be an Issue

While you may be willing to fix a bathroom plumbing issue in your home, sometimes you may not have time. Between your job and your family, it can be hard to create enough time to handle the project. You don’t want to fix your plumbing system in a hurry and lead to other piping issues.

Aside from creating time for the job, you also need to take time to learn some plumbing skills before you can take on the project. Since a bathroom plumbing issue is time sensitive, you need to handle it as soon as possible to avoid severe water damage.

One bathroom plumbing advice you should take into consideration is hiring a professional plumber. They will take less time to fix your plumbing problems.

Lack of Proper Tools

Plumbing is a complex job. With plumbing needs evolving, the complexities have increased as well. No longer can you use just a wrench, pliers, and a flashlight to fix your plumbing issues. This lack of proper tools can compromise the quality of your DIY bathroom plumbing.

What’s more, there have been advancements in plumbing technology. As a result, high-tech tools like video drain cameras are being used to clear clogged drains and other plumbing jobs. You may not be able to access these advanced tools as a DIYer since they are expensive.

You’re better off hiring pros who have all the tools needed to complete plumbing installations and repairs.

Not Recognizing the Extent of the Problem

When you hire a plumber, the first thing they will do is come to your location and inspect your plumbing system to figure out exactly what’s wrong with it. They’ll use their expertise and experience to do this. As a DIYer, you may lack the same level of expertise to diagnose your specific plumbing problem.

For instance, sometimes a minor leak may be a sign of a deeper underlying issue. You may try to fix the leaks, only for them to recur after a few days. If you don’t address the real issue on time, it may cause serious problems.

For proper diagnosis and solutions, you should work with a certified plumbing company.

Improper Plumbing Solutions

While you may have watched YouTube videos on how to fix bathroom plumbing, it may not be enough to offer effective solutions. Improperly repaired plumbing can result in damaged pipes, leaks, and even flooding. Some of the DIY plumbing repair mistakes you may make include:

  • Not turning off the water: It may lead to water damage on your property
  • Over-tightening connections: Too much tightening of bolts can lead to cracks in your pipes
  • Using chemical drain cleaners: Corrodes your pipes and may lead to water leaks
  • Forcing stuck valves: May cause the snapping of the knob and the valve stem in one swift motion
  • Installing improper fittings: May lead to unpleasant drain odors or plumbing code violations
  • Wrong toilet placement: The new toilet may not fit well into your space

Damage to Other Parts of Your Home

If you handle your DIY bathroom plumbing improperly, you not only negatively impact your plumbing system but also your home. Your actions can take a toll on your property and cause significant damage.

For example, in case you fix a leaky pipe incorrectly, the leak may pop back up again. This can lead to water and mold damage on your ceilings, walls, floors, furniture, and more.

One of the important vital bathroom plumbing tips you should consider to avoid this is working with pros.

No Guarantee

When you handle a bathroom plumbing issue in your home, you don’t have the guarantee that it will successfully be solved. If you do it wrong, you will have to repeat the process and spend more money. This is unlike working with a professional plumber.

They offer warranties; meaning they can come back and fix a problem for free if their job was unsatisfactory. Therefore, working with a plumber guarantees a perfect job.

May Lead to Injury

While plumbing may not seem like the most hazardous job, it can be dangerous for DIYers with limited safety training. Between water pressure/temperature and confined spaces, you may hurt yourself. What’s more is that chemicals and flying debris can also put you at risk of sustaining injuries.

Here are some common plumbing repair injuries you may:

  • Eye injuries
  • Biohazard exposure
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Severe burns
  • Electrical shock

You can avoid these injuries by working with a professional bathroom plumber.

Contact an Experienced Plumber Rather Than Doing DIY Bathroom Plumbing

DIY bathroom plumbing may sound like a nice way to save money. But oftentimes, it not only wastes your time but leads to costly expenses. If you are looking for local and experienced plumbers, look no further than Doctor Fix It.

We can keep your plumbing system in perfect condition. Our team helps residents of Lakewood, CO, and surrounding areas. Contact us to book an appointment.

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