Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Electrical Repairs in Lakewood, CO

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Electrical Repairs in Lakewood, CO

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Electrical Repairs in Lakewood, CO | Doctor Fix It Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric

The US electrical services market reached a value of $100 billion in 2020.

All homes rely on electrical systems to some degree, and with time these systems can have issues. When you have a problem in your home, you could try to repair it yourself, but it’s a much better idea to hire a professional electrical services company.

For a rundown of why you should always hire professionals for electrical repairs, keep reading.

You're Not Properly Trained

You might be quite handy, but electrical repairs aren’t simple. It takes a lot of training to be able to do them properly, and without this training, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get things right.

Professional electricians generally train for hundreds of hours and get plenty more experience every day while working. They know how to do everything safely to prevent the risk of fire or injury, and they know what to do when coming into contact with a live current.

Receiving an electric shock can cause cardiac arrest, and in some cases may be fatal. Taking this kind of risk to avoid paying for a professional electrician is never worth it. Whether it’s something as small as an electrical outlet repair or as big as a full rewiring of your home, you should always contact a professional.

You Might Cause More Damage

This can be said of almost any repair job in a home – if you don’t know what you’re doing you might make things worse than they were before. Improper repairs and cutting corners can lead to things like power surges. If this happens, any appliances without surge protection could be destroyed.

In some cases, you might need to get something repaired quickly – if you’re in the Denver area a quick online search of “emergency electrician near me” could provide several results, with Doctor Fix It Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric being one of the most reliable. We’re available 7 days a week and can provide same-day electric repair services, so you won’t have to wait around.

Risk of Fire

There are about 24,000 electrical fires in the US every year, and they can cause a lot of damage. The risk of these increases significantly when wiring repairs haven’t been done properly. The copper wires used in homes are good conductors of heat, which can lead to fires in buildings with bad wiring.

Some people may try to replace a small section of wire themselves, thinking it’s not a major issue. This can result in improper insulation, and it might not be protected from damaging electrical circuits. In these cases, the wire can get extremely hot and may start a fire.

Beyond wires getting hot, any poorly done repairs could result in sparks. Depending on where the issue is, it may take just one small spark to start a full-on blaze. As electrical fires are the most common type in residential buildings, this is something you want to avoid.

Damage to Your Home's Structure

It’s more than likely that you don’t know where all the wires in your house go, or what they all do. A lot of wires are hidden behind walls, and you’ll have to rip them out to get to any wires that need repairing. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for you can easily end up ripping out much more of your wall than you need to.

If you hire an electrician from a professional electrician company, they’ll know exactly where to look for any wires, as well as the junction box. This means that they can keep damage to a minimum by only ripping out parts of a wall that they need to.

You May Be Fined

For any electrical issues that occur in your home, you may need a licensed electrician to take care of the work for insurance purposes. As you’re not licensed, and DIY work you do could be putting yourself or others in danger.

If anything goes wrong and your insurance company finds out that you decided to do some electrical work yourself, there will likely be penalties. The exact details of these will be written into your policy, and in most cases, it will completely void your cover. This means that your insurance provider won’t pay for any damage to your home or any medical bills that result from you injuring yourself while trying to make repairs.

Inspection Issues

All homes are subject to inspection to ensure that everything is up to code and meets any necessary requirements. Among the things that a home can be inspected for is the electrical system. If you’ve decided to try to save a bit of money by doing some DIY work, this will be picked up.

Any issues that an inspector finds could land you with some sizable fines. More often than not, these fines will be more expensive than the repairs would have cost with a professional electrician. It’s possible that an inspector may not notice, but it could also cost you in the long run when you try to sell your home.

When considering taking a shortcut, you should ask “should I do this myself, or should I hire a residential electrician near me.” The safest bet is to always go with a professional.

Professional Electrical Repairs

No matter how small the task, if you need any electrical repairs, you should always hire a professional. Doctor Fix It Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric can handle any electrical needs you have, and we also offer heating and plumbing services. Our office is based in Denver, and we also cover Arvada, Aurora, Centennial, Lakewood, Littleton, and Westminster.

Whatever electrical issues you have in your home, Doctor Fix It Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric has you covered. To find out more about what we offer, click here to contact us today.

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