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Whole House Fans are a great alternative to Air Conditioning.

There are many reasons that homes can benefit from a better cooling system, or bypassing the need for Air Conditioning. A Whole House Fan is a great option to consider for cooling your entire home. Our expert staff can come to your home and provide you with more information on your options and provide a free estimate and consultation. Please call us with questions or to set up an appointment: 303-993-1550
Cooling system — Humidification in Denver, CO

$ave Money with Whole House Fan

Whole House Fans do not need costly A/C, and can still provide efficient and effective cooling to the entire home. This means lower utility bills and less maintenance over the life of the home.

Greener with Whole House Fan

Whole House Fans have a significantly lower carbon footprint than the traditional Air Conditioning that requires CFCs and more electrical power to run. By switching to Whole House Fan technology, you will be contributing to a better environment and lower utility bills.

State of the Art Technology with Whole House Fan

At Doctor Fix It, we provide the best Whole House Fan on the market. Our Airscape Whole House Fans (WHFs) use a motorized seal with damper doors that provide you with control, with multiple speed operation. The Airscape WHF is also much quieter than most cooling systems including air conditioning. With the Airscape WHF, you are treated to complete control, and unobtrusive cooling that remains as one of the most energy efficient in the business.

Airscapes use advanced network controls and web based data monitoring for sophisticated control and monitoring throughout the use and life of the unit. Along with the advanced technology, the fans use straightforward 110v wiring and high quality backdraft dampers to reduce airflow between the attic and living space when not in use.
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